TESTED cruelty-free and sustainable haircare: Ziaja & Urtekram

I am going to discuss two sustainable brands that I use in my hair routine. In addition to the fact that I have dry curls, they are also colored, not always easy to find the appropriate hair products. On top of that, it is not easy to find brands that are creulty-free, sustainable and made from natural products

About Ziaja

Ziaja produces more 1000 kinds of cosmetics, 5 million pieces per month. It is a wide range of skin and hair care products, for all skin types, for women, men and children. Ziaja cosmetics are based on natural active ingredients and pharmaceutical experience, they have a refined and pleasant fragrance and light texture. All products are carefully dermatologically and allergically tested in our own laboratories, never on animals. The preservatives are limited to the essential minimum. The product is durable, good and effective.

The packaging is suitable for recycling. The Ziaja factories are located in the ecological Kasjoeby, close to the historic city of Gdansk


Colored curls are usually dry and frizzy and. Oils tend to make my hair greasy. Therefore, it is not easy to find an appropriate serum that nourishes my hair, makes it less frizzy and prevents the volume from collapsing.

This product feels very light and makes my hair, as it claims, silky. Price quality is fine. And I use it after every wash. Definitely recommended and the size is perfect to take anywhere.




To obtain an optimal effect I use the shampoo in combination with my serum. Soft hair without knots and it smells pleasant.


A soft creamy shower gel with cashmere proteins. Cleanses and softens the skin. Does not dry out the skin even after frequent use. With a mild soft fragrance. I have very sensitive skin and too many chemicals can cause irregularities with me. Don’t have this problem with the shower gel.


 The haircare range includes shampoo and conditioner for normal hair, dry hair and fine hair, but also shampoo for dandruff and irritated scalp. You can choose a hair care range without perfume or one of our other range, each with its own unique scent. 

Camomile Conditioner

This product smells like camomile and is reminiscent of a summer walk in France. To keep and nourish my blonde hair I use the condtioner. And to get my fluff out of my hair I use my serum.

You get extra care from aloe vera, lecithin and glycerine, which make your hair soft and light, and easy to comb. Massage the conditioner into your hair and leave in for 2-3 minutes.



In terms of price-quality, I would definitely go for Ziaja in terms of the cashmire line. Not expensive and certainly does what it promises. Silky smooth on hair and skin. Urtekram is definitely a good brand for caring for my blonde locks and getting a shine. Products smell very good and they strive for very sustainable lines.

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