TESTED: Yugen Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented drink based on black or green tea. After adding sugar, specific bacteria and yeast, the drink will ferment. This means that the sugars are absorbed by the bacteria and the drink is given a different structure. The drink produces a little carbon dioxide, the drink changes its taste and new bacteria, vitamins and minerals are created


The word ‘Yugen’ embodies the world view of the brand. It’s a Japanese concept, used to express the overwhelming feeling of admiration for the beauty of the natural world. It’s the awareness of the universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words.


Yugen is not just a beverage brand. They are part of a culture shift towards a more healthy, sustainable and socially responsible society.

We only have one planet and we believe it’s our responsibility to take good care of her and her inhabitants, just as she takes care of us. That’s why they strive to make Yugen a 100% sustainable beverage brand.

From the start the brand wanted our young company to incorporate these important values. Yugen care deeply about our ingredients, suppliers, partners and co-workers. Together as a team, they were able to broaden and deepen a positive impact.


ginger lemon

Cold-pressed ginger and fresh lemon juice are fused together with marigold and elderberry to create the ultimate elixir of life. Experience the awakening power of this spicy herbal concoction and fuel your inner fire.

apple mint

Fresh apple juice and spearmint are combined with aromatic rosemary and tantalizing stinging nettle. Together they form a painkilling and healing tonic that surely gets you going.

mango turmeric

Pure mango juice and cold-pressed turmeric work together to heighten your senses. Combined with hot chili and fresh lemon balm it creates a whirlwind of sweet sins.

cherry time

A beautiful shade of pinkish red reveals a bombardment of voluptuous cherries and tart hibiscus flowers. This sacred powerhouse is a sensory delight with a fast pass to gastronomic bliss.


The Yugen Foundation is a non-profit fund founded by Yugen Kombucha to support social and sustainable projects. The Yugen Foundation is all about bringing ambitious and environmentally minded people together and creating a long lasting, impactful, and positive change in the world.

With every bottle sold we donate two cent to our Foundation. With these funds we want to do two things: support socially and environmentally engaged starters and promote a human centered approach on product, people and planet.

My favorite flavors are the mint- apple and mango- turmeric.  Refreshing drinks for the summer. Comparing to soda it’s a healthy and tasty alternative. They are originally from Gent so when you purchase them you’re not only supporting your locals but also helping the environment as the profit partly goes to the foundation.

You can buy the bottles on their webshop

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