The body training studio: tested and approved

Body Training Studio opened on February 3, 2020 and is located in the
Pacificatiestraat 3, 2000 Antwerp. The fitness company was established in Brussels in 2016 started up.
What makes Body Training Studio different?
BTS works with electrostimulation and proposes personal training. Electrostimulation is an existing training method. It’s a 20-minute workout that delivers the same results as a 5-hour-long workout. During the session, the customer wears a vest with electrodes, a belt and sports bands on the legs and arms. The electrodes stimulate the muscles while the customer performs exercises. A personal trainer guides the customer with adapted exercises, corrects the customer and handles the machine.

How can 20 minutes equal 5 hours?
BTS is a full-body workout. During a session, all muscles become simultaneously stimulated with the help of electricity. Becoming a regular workout only 20 to 40% of the muscle fibers used. 80 to 99% of the muscles are recruited by means of electrostimulation. That way you burn 900 to 1200 Kcal during a session.
Electrostimulation is natural and without danger to the muscles.
This training method is accessible to everyone depending on it
personal purpose. Together with the coach, a nutrition plan is also proposed. The following results are available to everyone: Muscle strengthening,
weight loss, weight gain, cardio improvement, muscle maintenance, …


I had a lovely trail with fitnesscoach Ester . She pushes you to your limits without forcing, very pleasant experience. You feel your muscles tingling. Very intensive but not as tiring as exercising for hours.


The first trial session is free and without obligation. Try it out!
The price of a session varies from 25 € to 35 € depending on the chosen
You will find more information on the website

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