Travel: Puy du fou

I went to Puy du Fou, this magnificent medival attraction parc in France. I had my doubts when I heard attraction parc as I thought it’s for kids but once I was there everything changed.

Background info

Puy du Fou was founded in 1978 and is a completely atypical theme park. It was twice voted the best park in the world: in March 2012 in Los Angeles (Thea Classic Award) and again in November 2014 in Orlando (Applause Award).

In 2018 it received the Award for the best park in France and Europe and was in 3rd place in the world ranking according to the Tripsadvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards for amusement parks.

Today it is the second largest park in France with more than 2 260 000 visitors in 2017.

This was my view from hotel “la citadel“, where I was staying. I felt in the middle ages. Which was strange but nice to be in the theme wherever you go.

Must see shows

I was amazed by how real everything looked. This one is called ” Le secret de la Lance.”

After the knights have left for Orléans, Marguerite, a young shepherdess, remains alone in the castle.

It must unravel the secret of a lance with magical properties to protect the enchanted fortress walls of the castle, which is wrapped up in full battle.

Le signe du triomphe
To save their lives, the Gaulish prisoners must win the circus games in front of the Roman governor.

Take your seats in the Gallo-Roman Stadium and prepare to be transported by the intense atmosphere.

Les Chevaliers de la Table Ronde
Below the ramparts, Merlin puts Arthur’s bravery to the test. Having beaten the curse of Excalibur, Arthur discovers the wonders of the enchanted lake!

I don’t want to spoil everything, it’s up to you to go and seek adventure in this wonderful parc!

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