TESTED & WIN: Venus Platinum Extra Smooth

Venus is Platinum the first shaving system with a metal handle designed for women.

 Timeless look & feel

Because the handle is made of metal, the user will be much less likely to use the need to replace the Venus Platinum with another copy. It is super handy and durable at the same time! Venus is Platinum somewhat heavier than other shaving systems and is therefore firmly in the hand. The rubber on the handle also gives a better grip, even if it gets wet in the shower. This provides extra control and precision. And that provides an even smoother shave. Venus Platinum also has a timeless look & feel. The design ensures that you get the razor blade no longer have to hide in the bathroom.64451213_632802350528287_6578437013114978304_n

Technological tour de force

Venus Platinum also has an advanced shaving technology. The five blades are protected with a diamond-like layer that the makes blades even smoother, thinner and sharper. This leads to for less friction between the blades and the skin, giving the best result is achieved and fewer irritations are caused. The head of the razor blade has an oval shape that is special developed to adapt to the shapes of the female body. This is typical of all Venus razor blades. Thanks to the blue border with MoistureGlide Serum that is activated by water slides the razor blade smoothly over the skin. Comfort and protection assured. I don’t often use a razor because I cut myself easily but this one is soft and silky when I shaved my legs with it.


Mix & Match

All Venus refill blades fit all Venus shaving systems. So the refill blades of the existing Venus shaving systems also fit this new system.


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