Review : Juliette has a gun

Juliette Has a Gun is the brainchild of the youngest member of the prestigious Ricci family, Romano Ricci.

He was initiated by his grandfather Robert Ricci into the mysterious world of perfume and tells about him: He had an enormous respect for tradition and a certain vision of femininity that still inspires me today. He taught me to break the principles of perfuming, but also to break the rules. 

Every smell from Juliette Has a Gun is inspired by a different ‘Juliette’.




Let’s talk about their newest parfum, “Vanilla Vibes”. The fusion of two opposites: Natural Vanilla and the flower of salt that transports vanilla in a mineral dimension … Far from being overwhelming, vanilla suddenly becomes … more atmospheric, more elegant … The expression of sensual femininity, powerful and free. Vanilla Vibes, an ode to adventure and freedom.


Personally I’m not into very girly scents. Vanilla is a scent that usually makes me nauseous but I have to admit this scent is subtle yet powerful. The perfect bottle for power women. When I spray it on, I instantly feel ready to conquer the world in a peaceful way.

Juliette has a gun is a niche brand. Exclusive and a bit more expensive then your ordinary perfume brand but the fragrance is richer. More layered. Pure art captured in a bottle. A new world opened up for me.

Buy here Vanilla vibes


Or if you want to smell it first visit their store  in Brussels

Beauty by Kroonen & Brown
Lebeaustraat 49
B-1000 Brussel

02 512 40 05

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