Foodspot: De Godevaart

De Godevaart celebrated their one year anniversary with new owner Jeremie Landweer, who wanted to give this Antwerp restaurant a new image. Taste and qualitative dishes but focusing on good and seasonal products whilst making the meal.

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goat cheese, avocado with squid

When you’re enjoying your delicious meals, you’ll be amazed by the decor. The restaurant situated in the center of Antwerp used to be a fish market and the remains are still visible. An elegant yet historic experience with culinary bombs.

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A place where different tastes collide but various people and personalities as well. I believe that food can combine people instead of divided. As far as I’ve heard lot’s of tourist dine in this fairy-tale restaurant. It’s a place that you’ve to discover. I caught myself walking that street without noticing this hidden treasure.


Sint-Katelijnevest 23
2000 Antwerpen


+32 3 231 89 94



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