#Self care and millennials

Self care is this new phoneme that millennials* like to exert. The generation that needs to be flexible when it comes to jobs, rather rents an appartement then buy it. Millennials are ought to be online 24/7 and expected to answer every text and message. They are drowning in this consuming society. That’s why these individuals can be selfish sometimes. If they don’t care about themselves who will.


That’s why self-care is invented, this generation want to take a step back and take time for themselves before they lose themselves in whatever their doing. But personally I think there are two types of self care , the healthy one and a rather toxic coping mechanism that has been called self care.


  1. Healthy

When is it healthy? I think that’s rather personal, when you realize that you’ve been living your life for others and lost your self in what others expect you to be then taking a step back isn’t toxic. I think self care is going to the essence of what you need. If you want to go to a concert go. But skipping concert because you went to one every day of the week with your friends is also a form of self care. Skipping a day of work because it’s consuming your mental health is self care. Looking out for yourself and listening to your body. So I can resume that self care can be something you want to do but also not doing things.


2. Toxic

Sometimes we avoid responsibilities and call it taking care of ourselves even if we clearly know it’s the opposite. Binge watching your favorite show during a stressful time where you have to get a lot of work done is procrastination. Going out and drinking without knowing your limits is’t granting yourself some ” fun” it’s filling an emptiness that clearly needs to be solved.  Being selfish and pushing away your environment is toxic. I think there is a thin line between taking care of your mental and physical health and neglecting yourself or your environment.



* I didn’t want to generalize the generations that was born between 1980 and 2000 as millennials, if you don’t think those qualities concern you it doesn’t mean they don’t concern other peers.

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