Event: Pink Lady x Andy de Brouwer

Andy De Brouwer of restaurant Les Eleveurs has been referred to by Club Prosper Montagné as the First Maître d’hôtel of Belgium 2019. A prestigious title in the hospitality industry. Last month he pleasantly surprised some bloggers with lovely dishes that each contained an apple of the brand “Pink Lady”.




  • A Pink Lady cannoli 


  • Grilled avocado, grey shrimps and a bavarois of Pink Lady  


  •  Caramelized pink lady with bread



Fun fact about Pink Lady:

The taste quality of the Pink Lady apple is highly dependent on the nutrition and development of the apple tree. The growers love their soil and respect and maintain the quality of the cultivation area as a precious heritage.

The mineral balance of the soil is protected as well as possible (analyzes, probes, limited fertilization, etc.). Water consumption is controlled to prevent soil erosion and washing out (drip irrigation system tailored to real needs, protection of natural water reserves in each orchard …)

The Pink Lady orchards are located in traditional fruit growing areas and are regularly maintained and renewed.

The steady growth with a decent rhythm contributes to the maintenance of horticultural businesses, but also to the protection of the agricultural area and the natural landscape against the growing urbanization.




Adres:  Suikerkaai 1/A,

1500 Halle

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