#VisitMons culinary trip with Huawei P30 pro

Last month I went Mons with few Dutch and Belgian bloggers. We’ve done some sightseeing, visited museums, spotted some street art but what got my attention the most was the culinary part. Let me show you what I’ve eaten.


  1. L’impasto



After visiting the Belfort we had lunch at this lovely Italian restaurant L’impasto. With my gluten intolerance I shouldn’t eat pasta but once in a while I make an exception when it comes to yummy dishes likes these. I ordered pasta with calamaris and dish was served in a huge pan.

Visit their facebook page 

Rue de Nimy, 6
7000 Mons

2. L’envers



This restaurant doesn’t only serve photogenically dishes they’re also delicious. It’s located in the center of the city.  I’ve ordered a grilled tuna entree with asian wok, the main course also contained tuna and ended my culinary evening with lemon macarons in the crème patissier accompanied by some stewed pears.



Rue de la Coupe 20,

7000 Mons



3.  Martin’s Dream Hotel 



Martin’s Dream Hotel is a 4-star  residence that bridges the legacy of the past with modern comfort.

The hotel moved into a neo-Gothic style building built in the 19th century. The premises first served as a refuge for the Sisters of Bélian and later the building was used as a chapel.


To start my day I exaggerated a bit during breakfast at the hotel we were staying. I took pancakes with fruit, smoked salmon with tomato and mozzarella, some donuts and coffee cakes. Initially I wasn’t sure I’d finish my plate but I did.



As you can see I had a rather special room. The theme was ” Belgian cartoon characters”.


17, rue de la Grande Triperie
7000 Mons

4. Mémé Tartin



If you want some healthy, hipster sandwich or another quick snack. This place is really the place to be. Nice service and lovely meal. I was rather full after leaving this place.


Rue de la Coupe 16,

Mons 7000


Also a special thanks to the coolest travel bloggers reistebrij and fredography for making the Mons trip worthwhile and creating such nice memories.


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