Tested : newest Kneipp watermint – aloë vera lipbalm

100% natural lipcare with water mint extract and high-quality aloe vera. Hydrating care with subtle aquatic scent for noticeably soft and well-groomed lips.

The formulation with a proven depot effect provides the lips with long-lasting and intensive care.

The depot effect means that the hydration is released bit by bit over a long period.

I prefer this balsem as it’s a sustainable brand with a lovely scent. Also it hydradetes my lips very well I would give it a 9/10 considering the quality and price.

Why is this brand sustainable :
• 100% natural care

• Based on natural caring oils and botanical wax
• Vegan: no animal ingredients are added
• Without preservatives, mineral oils, paraffin, silicone oils and dyes
• With “depot effect” for long-lasting and intensive care for permanently soft lips
The depot effect means that the hydration is released bit by bit over a long period
• Ideal for dry, cracked lips and sensitive lips
• The folding box is made from innovative and eco-friendly grass paper. This grass paper generates less CO2 emissions, requires around 3,000 liters less water per tonne of cardboard and ensures short transport routes

Costs 2,99€

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