EVENT: Hedgren boostcamp

The new collection of Hedgren is called ” Boost” that’s why the brand invited me to a gym in Antwerp to boost my energy. Whilst talking to another girl – thinking it’s another blogger- I’m admitting that I don’t exercise a lot. Well that girl turned out to be our coach Tess Van Beurden.


First we got welcomed with REALLY SPICY ginger energy shots @ WAREHOUSE , the catering of the gym. Then Tess assigned us  a few work outs that lasted for about one minute. From boxing, to skipping rope and lifting some weight. It was really intens but Tess is the kinda of coach who can be really harsh in a nice way. You’re willingly following her orders. I sometimes gave up during the last few seconds of the exercise and she’d be like ” Tara you’re not ceasing” and I felt the pressure so I preserved.



I felt really energetic after the work out so I’m definitely not regretting going. Thanks Tess for motivating my lazy ass.


After the work out we showered and there was also a “boost food” and “boost make–up”



It was refreshing to learn how to maintain an healthy lifestyle while discovering the new Hedgren collection. I finally met Jennifer from The Goal Getter, in real life. And catched up with Maxine. Lately I can’t go anywhere without my UP waistbag  where I hide my emergency snacks during class.

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