Event: Table in a Box

Table in a Box makes all-in-one packages full of unique high-quality table decorations. Candle holders and matching napkins, beautiful combinations of original natural materials, matching candles and yes, they even thought of a menu.


Each of their collections is carefully selected based on the seasons and trends at the best suppliers in their field. I had the honor to be invited to an event organised by Table in a Box.

table in a box 2

Katrien Sterckx came up with the idea and talked about her passions whilst learning us how to make an eastern inspired decorative table.

table in abox.JPG

“Our goal is that at the end of the evening you sit down blissfully in your seat with a final glass of wine and look back on a successful evening where everything was thought about. Your guests will be amazed by your beautifully set table, but we go a step further.


For each of our collections we design a Spotify Playlist with atmospheric music that perfectly matches your theme. And we have also thought of recipes. On our blog you will discover signature menus that you can largely prepare in advance. And all this of course comes with a step-by-step guide that will guide you flawlessly through the whole process. That way you can focus fully on the warm welcome from your guests.”


During our creative eastern inspired workshop we were served with lovely dishes by Ocuisine.

table innn.JPG

I have a passion for cooking and being creative but sometimes it’s such a relief to have little “help” which Katrien gives you with her DIY boxes. I loved participating at this event and discovering their boxes. It wasn’t a marketing based event where they wanted ” to sell” their product or concept. I loved it because I participated and heard the backstory.

You can either buy the boxes or rent them when you’re inviting your friends for dinner. If this blogpost made you curious about Table in a box go check out their website https://www.tableinabox.be/

Pictures by Jamie Neirynck Photography

Special thanks to Liesbeth !

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