Infleuncer event: Exuviance

HDP Medical is the exclusive distributor of Exuviance, Coverblend and Xxtralash in the Benelux.The effectiveness and clinical relevance of these products have been extensively described in leading scientific, medical and dermatological journals. Their emphasis is on providing scientific information to dermatologists, doctors, pharmacists, skin therapists and beauticians.

Last month I was invited to one of their “ influencers” event to discover their brand and have lovely lunch @ restaurant Les Filles in Brussels. Product specialist Charlotte Heylesonne gave me a facial. Personally I’d rather invest on skincare and hydrating my skin then covering it with make-up when you don’t have a clear skin. I walked in with my make-up and got out with a clearer skin and just some mascara. I felt cleaner afterwards for sure.

I’d didn’t knew the brand before and I was curious about the products. After the facial Charlotte warned me that I may have a few impurities in a few days as this facial intensity purifies my skin which can cause impurities coming to the surface.

So what has Charlotte Heylesonne done during the facial ?

  1. Cleaning with a gentle cleansing cream
  2. Toning with soothing toning lotion
    Toner is a lotion or tonic intended to clean the face of residual facial cleanser and / or makeup. So actually, toner is also a kind of facial cleanser. In contrast to a “real” facial cleanser, a toner contains far fewer cleaning ingredients and toner consists of a large percentage of water.In the skin care routine, the toner is best used after cleansing the face with a facial cleanser, by dripping a little bit of the toner onto a cotton pad or ball and wiping off the face.
  3. Peeling with mandelic acid peeling that can be done in various exuviance salons.

Before the mandelic acid peel solution is put on your skin, your skin must be cleansed and primed. A prep solution will most likely to applied to your skin to remove any surface facial oils. After this prep solution dries, the peel will be applied to your skin.*

4. Massage cream

5. Applied the vespera serum

A facial serum can complement your usual daily facial care. You can apply a serum before you apply your day and / or night cream. That way your skin gets the extra boost it sometimes needs

The formula with concentrated alpha and polyhydroxy acids (AHA / PHAs) significantly improves the seven signs that are characteristic of skin aging by the sun: fine lines, wrinkles, coarse pores, sagging skin, a spotty complexion, a pale complexion and a rough skin texture.
Lactobionic acid and Gluconolactone are powerful antioxidants that prevent cell and elastin damage, neutralize harmful oxidizing metals and strengthen the protective skin barrier.
Vitamin A, C and E protect against oxidation.
Seaweed extracts make damaged skin smoother again.

(currently testing this serum)

  1. Applied a day cream, the multi-projective day spf 20

* source skincae

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