Beauty essentials

Now and then I write a post about some beauty products I can’t live without.

  1. snail cream


After having a crystal based peeling at Thermae Grimbergen, they used this snail cream. The gentle peeling with microcrystals reduces a lot of impurities such as coarse pores, black dots, pigmentation spots, puffiness, scars. Your skin gets enough oxygen again and is stimulated to make new, healthy skin cells. Immediately after the treatment your skin will look radiant and healthy again. In addition, fine wrinkles are also reduced so it is the ideal anti-aging facial! The snail cream has an anti-aging effect and hydrates your skin. I have a really dry skin so for me it’s perfect.

Get your facial here .

2. exfoliate scrub


Water-soluble scrub for oily skin. Removes dead skin cells, refines the skin structure, reduces fine lines. Refreshes the skin.

Use in the morning or in the evening. Wet the makeup-free skin. Use the fingertips, massage the product into the skin with circular movements, avoid eye and lip circumference. I’m addicted to scrubs and probably use them way too often.

Every skin is different some need a lot hydration, some need scrubbing. To avoid damaging your skin by ignorance get yourself an skin analysis at beauty salon Care. Located in Antwerp and Wetteren.

3. Germain de capuccine : Timexpert lift


Shout out to Ronny Van Cutsem for being the star of Estetika beurs

The first mask that gives a firming effect on the neck and on the double chin.The skin of the neck is thinner and has a more fragile structure. It has fewer melanocytes, which disrupts the defense mechanisms against ultraviolet radiation and makes the skin sensitive to environmental aggressions.

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity, which leads to sagging. Muscles that are not used often lose their tone, including the neck muscle that extends downwards from the jaw around the neck. A double chin is created.
How to use it?
1 time per week or for a special occasion.

1. Apply Tautening Firming Neck Cream to cleansed skin.
2. Remove the mask from the sachet, place the side openings over the ears and adjust it to the area of the double chin (under the chin).
3. Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and remove it.
4. Massage the remaining product until it is completely absorbed.

Apparently this one is for 30+ but yolo…Better to prevent then to heal.

Two mask cost 29,99- buy here

4. Sans soucis glow


There is no Tara without glitter. This Glow Spray from Sans Soucis is a facial spray with three effects:
Fixation: The spray ensures that makeup lasts longer and gives a natural, less powdery result. Nothing is uglier then a powder face right?
Hydration: Thermal spring water and caring elements give your skin extra refreshment and hydration. Perfect for winter make-up sessions.
Protection: The gloss spray covers the skin with a protective layer and prevents irritation, inflammation and premature skin aging. Well again this may does not apply me but premature aging skin, is really a fear of mine.

Sans Soucis also added shimmering particles to the product to give your skin a beautiful, healthy shine.

It only costs 9,90- buy it here

5. Body and Bess lip care


This Natural Lip Balm is rich in natural and active ingredients from raspberry seed oil and protects, repairs and cares for the lips in all softness. It also soothes any kind of irritation and gives a nice natural shine. Hydrates your lips and smells delicious. Free of parabens and it’s 100% made in Belgium.

Buy here costs 14,95-

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