H20 skincare routine

I have a very dry skin that’s why I try to avoid soap as it dries my skin even more. So I found the perfect solution and I use this micelaire water from H2o at home. A small ecological French company not far away from the Belgium borders.

Let’s say that 80% of my skincare products are sustainable. I like discovering new ecological brands and show you guys that it’s possible to care about the environment and your skin as well.

I apply this micelaire water every morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep. It has a nice smell and my skin is really clean afterwards.

buy here price 25,50-,

After using the micelaire water it’s recommended to use the vitamin serum to hydrate your skin after cleaning it.

Beta-carotene, acerola and vitamin E:a very punchy vitamin cocktail combined with essential oils of palmarosa and organic lavander . A good fitness session for your skin

The smell of the lavender is really dominant but it doesn’t bother me, it has a really calming effect.

buy here price 35,50-,

I have so many bags under my eyes so I use this product and hope they will go away! And of course made of 100% natural ingredients

GGives your eyes the effects of a good nap: rain of organic aloe vera and plant hyaluronic acid for intense hydration, and profusion of anti-oxidant and plumping agents

buy here price 25,90-,

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