On the road with Woden

First of all I just want to tell you guys that shoes hurt my feet easily due a lack of quality. Even if it’s an expensive brand. So I didn’t knew that I was going to wear my Woden ydun pearl champagne shoes this much. The design of the sneaker is so girly with all the glitters and the color is so easy to combine with my outfits.

I’ve traveled with my shoes. Did walks in the woods of Berlin. City walks in Milan. Not once did my feet hurt. I mean I’ve really walked with these ses shoes. The cork sole really supports my feet. I almost wear them everyday. Even guys complimented me on my shoes. Then you know that they are really pretty. The design is really unique yet casual.


What I also love about Woden it’s that it’s an sustainable brand. Made out of natural material .

milaan hedgren.jpg

Woden sneakers are great to walk with, gorgeous, sustainable and have a fair price. When it comes to sneakers I only want shoes from Woden! Check out the Pas de Deux site

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