Hotspot review : avocado lovers go to Akuakate

There’s a new avocado in town and even if I’m intolant when it comes to gluten, lactose, avocado and beans sometimes I cannot resist the temptation.

I was invited to try out this new spot in Antwerp. I didn’t had much expectations of the taste to be honest. I just thought it would look Instagram worthy but have poor flavor but they really surprised me.

I decided to go for a gluten free pancake with avocado, tomatoes and chilli. The menu said it be spicy and I’m just to a bit of spice but this one was soooo hot to I decided not to eat the red peppers. As I’m not shy when it comes to eating I also decided to take a half avocado filled with a humus of beans. Yes I’m intolerant but I couldn’t care less cause it was worth the sinning.

Verdict this place not only sells pretty Instagram worthy dishes its also tastfull. It’s a bit pricey but I get it cause it’s a small enterprise with quality food.

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