Tested:Jafra by Nuran

Organic makeup and skin care became a part of my daily life. My body is so much healthier without the parabens, alcohol and other ingredients some brand put in their products.

I’ve already wrote a post about Jafra and due my enthousiasm I’ve reviewed some new products.

1. Mud mask

Wonderfully smelling mud mask for face and body. Beauty directly from nature. Three types of mud of different origins ensure an optimal cleansing and detoxifying effect thanks to the unique combination of herbs and minerals.

Price 33€

Buy here

2. Royal jelly lipstick

The Luxury Lipstick with Royal Jelly is a skin care and long-lasting lipstick in shiny, velvety colors. Gelée Royale hydrates the lips, gives them the daily dose of vitamins and amino acids and makes them soft and supple. Does not stick, wipes and does not run out. Care and color in one!

For whom:
For anyone who wants to have a lipstick that makes the lips shine with brilliant colors and at the same time intensively moisturises them.

Price 18,50€

Buy here

3. Royal jelly lipgloss

This is my favorite pink. It’s a lipgloss with a shiny touch. Very monsteriouzing and stays all day. 💕

Price 18,50€

Buy here

4. Foundation and eye brush

The trickiest thing to buy are brushes. I want some soft ones that are easie to blend and I was pretty content Zhou this “pro foundation brush” by Jafra which can be bought for 25€ through this link.

And the pro eyeshadow brush through this link for 19€.

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