Hotspot: God save the food Piave

Let me introduce you to my favourite restaurant located in Milan. I got invited to taste their very diverse menu as the owner of the restaurant likes to travel they are very fusion.

The menu changes every three months and it’s a mixture of Asian, South American and European dishes. For example, you can order guacamole with taco’s, Asian salads, typical Italian pizza bianca and delicious French pastery as dessert.

We’ve waited a bit with some olive oil and bread and were seated in this beautiful corner of the restaurant. Leather seats and marble table. I’ve had worst places where I had to wait. Once in a while the waiter asked if everything was okay and that it was bussy in the kitchen but that our dish should come right away. As enteree I went for guacamole and some pizza bianca. I didn’t go for the taco’s.

My friend Don got a salad with steak tartare and I went for tuna tartare. The dishes where beautifully served as I have a degree as a sous chef I tend to look at how the food is served 😉.

When it was time for dessert I have to admit I was already full but Andreea, the responsible for the establishment in Piave suggested to take something away.

It all looked delicious and we decided to take a blueberry cake and of course a tiramisu. The venue is really enchanted. You have to make a reservation first. The prices are really fair for what they serve and the clients are families, students, bussines men or tourist. Lots of different people. Before we went to the restaurant we did some shopping nearby in one of the biggest shopping streets, via buones aires where I got my first designer bag ( thanks Don !)

Pictures by Youth waves

Thanks GSTF for the best dinner experience ever !


Via piave, 18

20129 Milano
Tel +39 02 38268602

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