Berlin: travelgram

Besides the weather I’d rather go to Berlin instead of Paris or Milan. I mean the atmosphere in Berlin is so much more accessible. The people are friendly and you’re never bored. Here’s a list of my favourite places.

1. Teufelsberg

Berlin’s most significant remnant of the Cold War is the monitoring station on the Teufelsberg. This old radar station was used by the Americans and the British to listen to the GDR, Soviets and their allies. The complex has been abandoned since the Wende and turned into a large street art mecca.

It’s located near metro station ” Grunewald”. You may walk a few minutes before getting to the venue and the building it closed . Yet there’s still a shady person cashing money in order to walk the pavement ( which I don’t get) but it’s worth the visit.

2. Kreuzberg

Is located on the west side of Berlin and could be described as the artsy part where youth gathered around to get drinks or a bite. Went to a random Mexican restaurant and got the biggest burrito ever for less then 12 euros. When it comes to food Berlin is so cheap and diverse .

3. East side gallery

My favourite part of Berlin is without doubt east side gallery. Obviously the east side of Berlin 😂 where a part of the wall is located but it’s so much more.

When you’re walking on the bridge. Looking towards the water I felt so at ease. It’s the ultimate urban feeling. A mixture between history and future .

Lots of big companies are located there and a lot of tourist come by to look at the wall. It’s also the area of Berghain and other famous techno clubs which have the largest cue with a guarantee to get in.

4. the Berliner Dom

Is a cathedral not so far from East side gallery and the famous Alexander Platz. This area is rather quiet, I mean without the traffic included. But I mean it’s a great spot to get in some coffee bar and enjoy the view of the city after a long shopping trip.

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