Snapscara: Maybelline

I just read the most mind blowing thing ever when I opened my mailbox. A mascara that can be removed easily with a remover or face cleanser. I just to rub off my mascara like it’s glue and afterwards I always look like panda in the morning. Mascara is the reason why I don’t want to cleanse my face in the evening as it’s a huge task.


I got to admit the eyes on the packaging really got my attention.

Lab Expert Q&A with Laura Martone, Maybelline Innovation Director shares the  groundbreaking scientific insights that make breakthrough for the brand globally recognised for top mascaras.

1. What are the key ingredients that make Snapscara easily removable?
To guarantee a no smudging, raccoon-eyed effect during wear and removal, Snapscara was formulated with soft structuring agents, such as sheabutter and skin care emulsifiers. To help improve adhesion to lashes as the mascara sets, we incorporated a high level of film formers into our water-based formula. This allows for transfer-resistance, all day wear. When removing with your regular makeup routine, the film will dissolve creating tube-like mascara particles for an easy and quick removal without any tugging.

2. What are the ingredients that make Snapscara glide on clump-free?
We used soft, structuring agents to help the mascara glide onto lashes to build smooth, clump free volume.

3. Are you still able to use makeup remover to remove Snapscara if you’re taking off
other eye makeup?
To remove Snapscara, you can use your favourite facial cleanser and/or and makeup remover, resulting in a quick and easy removal routine, without any tugging.
Lab Expert Q&A Continued

4. How was the shade range established?
A key benefit to the formula of Snapscara is it allowed for the development of more saturated colours, from intense blue to bright purple to a vibrant burgundy.

5. Is there anything unique about the applicator?

The applicator’s bristles comb through the lashes to help distribute the product evenly for smooth volume and length. This precision of the applicator allows the right amount of product to be deposited without overloading the lashes, resulting in a clean volume look with no clumps and a lightweight feel.

The curved, tapered shape of the applicator:
• Allows for a close fit to the lash line to help make direct contact with the lashes for a quick deposit.
• Reaches the smaller lashes on the inner lash line and the longer lashes towards the outer lash line

6. Other than easy on/easy off technology, does the mascara offer volume or length for
In addition to easy removal, Snapscara also provides clean volume and a lengthened, well separated lash look.

7. Are there any ingredients that nourish lashes or promote lash growth?
This formula contains conditioning ingredients, such as sheabutter, glycerine, and vitamin E acetate, to help create the appearance of smooth lashes and a lightweight feel.


The mascara will be available end of december in drugstores such as Kruidvat or Di for 12,99 euro hope it does what it says 😉

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