Tested: Mineralogie

Want to celebrate the holidays in style without harming your skin? Let me introduce you to a mineral based make-up brand called Mineralogie. This summer I already tested their BB cream  and I was sold! Well this time they completely blew me away with lots of make-up and the prettiest packaging. I was so excited when I received some ” gifts” from the brand to test.


I’m mean they putted so much effort in it. Every packaging was sealed by a sticker which contained a picture from my Instagram. Honestly best blogger packaging of 2018 goes to Mineralogie! As you mean know – if you read my blog – I mainly use organic make-up and especially the ones that are cruelty free. That’s why I was glad to collaborate with this brand. Let me tell you a few things about Mineralogie.

The products are made out of minerals which are natural, meaning they don’t contain perfumes, dyes, harsh chemicals, or other unhealthy ingredients found in traditional cosmetics. The minerals  are also talc-free, starch-free* and naturally non-comedogenic, so they won’t clog your pores or cause blackheads and breakouts. Mineralogie makeup allows your skin to “breathe” and feels so light, you’ll forget you’re wearing makeup at all – yet it still provides exceptional coverage, with a flawless finish.
Minerals also provide superior sun protection.

Okay let’s get trough the things I received. IMG_8492.JPG

Two lipsticks which have a nude shade and also two colour ruby and bordeaux . The lightweight lipstick is packed with lip conditioners to nourish and protect with an intensely hydrating formula.

can be bougth here   16.50$


Also got a nude lip gloss which is very shiny, nourishes my lips very well during these cold winter days and stays practically all day.

Can be bought for 16.50$ here .



What I really want to recommend for those you struggle with dark circles around their eyes is the natural cream concealer that Mineralogie provides. It blends well, covers everything from dark circles to acne and blends easily. Sometimes I use it as a primer and sometimes as concealer in combination with their BB cream.

Can be bought here for 18$


Last but not least if you want to go crazy during the holidays with red-ish smokey eyes and some creamy glitter eye shadow I found the perfect match. License to kill eye trio shadow is so easy to apply and just gives you that instant glam eye look. Very mysterious yet elegant.

Can be bought here for 40$

If you’re more into easy apply and quick glitter on you eyes to look dashing I’de go for the Eye Candy collection. This warm and rich shadow adds elegance to your Holiday look with a classic jewel tone metallic shimmer.


I’ve tested all these products several times and will be more the happy to share a make-up tutorial containing all the products I’ve mentioned above!

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