Opening: Boulengier

There is a new bakery in town. Artisanal bread and sandwiches are sold in the hipster side of Sint-Gilles (Brussels), I went to get some breakfast and talk to the owners.



The bakery wants to reinvent authentic bread, that’s their main focus. They renovated their location which used to be a club. Painted everything white, apply huge windows but then didn’t touch the brick wall. The shop and menu is a mixture between nostalgia and progress.


Everything is french and it just smells as good as it tastes. Lots of people step by even thou their new in the neighbourhood.


In 2019 their planning to use the back of their bakery as a breakfast/dinning place. I’m already a big fan and wish them the best of luck with their project!



Jean Volderslaan 11,

1060 Sint-Gillis


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