Xavies’ : quick and healthy

Fast snack but slow sugar that’s how Xavies’ granola bites introduces itself

Behind the PC, in the car or between two appointments by quickly playing a snack (or seventeen), who doesn’t? Unfortunately, the quick bite usually does not belong to the healthiest food category and it easily boosts your daily sugar, salt and fat intake. Xavies’, the Belgian artisan granola lover, now also introduces granola in the snack department in the form of crunchy biscuits, the Granola Bites.

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Granola is the perfect energy supplier for your body, at any time of the day. And now that the Belgian traditional granola label Xavies’ launches the Granola Bites, you have no excuse to grab an unhealthy snack. Byeeeeeeeee fast sugars!

The brand new artisanal biscuits are deliciously crispy roasted and only sweetened with agave syrup. Three delicious varieties are the perfect snack

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