Hotspot: Viggos


A Scandinavian inspired coffee bar located on a funky square in Antwerp The owner Tim is passionate about specialty coffee and named his bar after his son. I coincidentally went there for an interview and was surprised by the delicious cheese cake. The interior is also nice and cosy. Perfect place for an autumn drink

art viggos.jpg

Beside a drink and bite the coffee bar also exposes art now and then. This they’re exposing *Secrets Untold I Stories Unwritten*.  As the title of the series tells, *Secrets Untold I Stories Unwritten* deals with thoughts that so far have remained untold. Key issues while writing and painting were for example: How deep lies a secret? How many layers of thoughts and memories do you have to dig up before you can share it? And how many layers of script and paint are necessary to tell and yet to disguise?

Take a look at the artist’s site


De Coninckplein 21
2060 Antwerpen-Noord

weekdays: 08h00 – 17h30

Saturday: CLOSED
Sunday: 10h00 – 17h30

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