Winter beauty essentials by newpharma

This week a received a box full of beauty products by the online pharmaceutic company newpharma, so let’s get trough all the products.


Vichy moisturizer

IMG_7725.JPGThe Mineral 89 is the new daily booster of Vichy for stronger skin, radiant health. The booster is a new step in the care routine and can be used after cleansing the skin and before applying a serum and / or day cream. After applying it the skin is protected against the negative influences such as stress, fatigue and pollution, bad eating habits, smoking, cold on the skin.

How to use it:
– Step 1: cleaning.
– Step 2: After cleaning, apply 2 pumps of Mineral 89 to the face (an indispensable step between cleaning and day care, for those living in an urban environment).
– Step 3: serum
– Step 4: day care cream

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price: 16,99


Rogé Cavaillès Deodorant Dermato Spray 150ml

IMG_7721.JPGThis deo prevents the formation of bad odors all day long. Hydrates and protects the fragile epidermis thanks to the care formula (vitamin E + glycerin + fat ingredients).  The spray contains talc for an immediate dry effect. The formula without CFC allows use without damage to the ozone layer.

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price: 7,56-



Vichy Idéal Body Serum


Vichy has combined hyaluronic acid and LHA with 10 fundamental oils for the first time. Liquid, fresh and pleasant indispensable daily ritual for rapid hydration. Emulsified gel enriched with mother-of-pearl to make the skin even more beautiful. Provides hydration and comfort like a milk, is fresh and liquid like a serum and just as easily absorbs directly into the skin.

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price: 20,21-


Neutrogena hand cream


The Hand Cream With Nordic Berry from Neutrogena Norwegian Formula provides a triple  increase in the hydration level of the skin and makes dry hands smooth and soft again. The Nordic Berry µ is one of the most expensive berries in the world and is only picked by hand. The yellow-orange powervrucht is edible and is known for its resistance and its richness in vitamin C, trace elements and antioxidants. The non-greasy cream has a pleasant smell and immediately absorbs.

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price: 6,80-



Dermalex shower oil


A comfortable, supple skin starts with a mild cleansing. This oil-enriched shower cleanses the skin in all softness and tempers the tightness and the itching caused by dehydration of the skin. Calms and softens the skin. Protects the skin from dehydration – no tenseness during the entire day. The mild formula contains a very high content of moisturizing ingredients (9% glycerin) to maintain the natural moisture content of the skin. Enriched with evening primrose and mango oil, vitamin E and bisabolol that protect the skin and provide the necessary lipids for the restoration of the skin barrier

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price: 11,65-


Galénic day cream


Galénic Diffuseur de Beauté Shining Skin Booster is a cream with ruby ​​pearls that makes your skin smoother and less tired so that it will shine again.The Cream combines the fruity scent of bergamot, mandarin and lemon with the floral scent of white musk and jasmine. The exceptional structure of this cream ensures that the active ingredients are gradually distributed so that the skin immediately shine again.

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price: 46,34


 La Roche-Posay mascara


This volume-correcting mascara contains texturing waxes that make the eyelashes look fuller.

– Volume in 3 dimensions: the lashes are thicker, curly and are separated one by one.

– In waterproof version that is resistant to water and tears.

– Available in 1 shade: black.

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price: 14,83-


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