I’ve reviewed products from Ziaja before and I love the brand. All the products are organic and they smell really good. This time I’ll be reviewing the anti oxidant line. I’ve got a toner spray, a shower gel, body mouse and neck cream.


I’ve used this after showering and it smoothness my skin!


I won’t be needing this as I don’t have any wrinkles yet. So it’s probably a product for 30’ish people.



Acai tonic contains natural active ingredients – acai berry, vitamin C, provitamin B5. Gently cleanses the skin of the face, removes makeup and prepares the skin for further skin care treatments.

-Restores the skin healthy, radiant appearance
-Gently moisturizes, toning the epidermis
-It is gentle for the skin
-Leaves a pleasant smell
-Acai tonic provides refreshed, rested skin


Loving the smell gives me an instant beach, summer vibe and it really moisturizes my skin. The body balms from Ziaja are really worth your while !


All the products are around 5,- so it’s really budget friendly, visit their site to view the collection.

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