A while ago I received a package from Dr. Hauschka and the packaging looked so pretty! So let’s look what inside, shall we?

Volume mascare 04


I’ve to admit a was a bit choked when I saw the color. Never in a million years I’d imagine wearing bleu mascara but the product itself is great and the color doesn’t bother me once I”m wearing it. It’s subtle and a matter of getting used to.

Eyeshadow pallette 2


Three complementary shades reflect, highlight and enliven – for brilliant, sparkling eyes.
The formulation combines mineral pigments, silk and nourishing botanical ingredients such as black tea to moisturise and soothe the delicate skin around the eyes.

Illuminating Fluid


I love liquid highlighters so much, I apply them before putting on my foundation so I get a natural shiny glow.

This collection is out since 6 september in Belgium and Luxembourg go check out the selling-spots to buy it !


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