There’s a new line of matte lipsticks by Maybelline. For a long time I’ve been searching for nudes that are matte non-sticky and will last the day and I finally found a worthy product !

Trust me, I received the 65  “seductive”  and 80 ” ruler” and been using it for a few weeks. It doesn’t fade, even after drinking e.g. a glass of water nor does it leave stains on the glass. After applying it,  the gloss dries immediately.  If I want to remove the gloss I have to use a make-up remover. Which means that the lip-gloss lives up to the promises made in its commercial .


The SUPER STAY MATTE INK family is growing. This long-lasting, matte lipstick expands his assortment with 5 new nude shades of a new generation: ultra-mat, ultra-saturated, ultra-bold. A velvety formula without effect of the material, who – like a tattoo – prints their long-lasting color on the lips.



Infused with matting pigments and a liquid base, formula 16 ensures
hours long for a matte nude, ultra intense, maximum coverage without transfer and
with the most comfort. It offers resistance to every test by a technology
of ultra-saturated pigments.
Without touching, fading or flaking, SUPER STAY decorates MATTE INK
UN-NUDE your lips with nude, challenging, vibrant and saturated colors.




The lip-gloss cost 9,99 euro’s in Belgian drugstores


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