Tested: Summer proof eyes with Lancôme


Monsieur Big Waterproof

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Which make-up is indispensable for the modern woman? Mascara! Especially millenials
absolute fan. These spirited ladies never sit still and are satisfied with it very best. Their days are chock-full and their mascara has to be equal to every task.
If that is not the case, he will be mercilessly dumped. But how do you find the right mascara? Monsieur Big meets all requirements. In 2017, this megavolume mascara became the must have millions of women who fell for its sustainable formula – which is not necessary during the day be updated – and are incredible, intense black pigments. A year later, Monsieur Big added three new trump cards:
1. A waterproof formula that really gives in without compromising comfort
conditions – water, moisture and sweat – can handle.
2. Big Lashes Extension Fibers (limited edition) that make the result more than impressive
to make! If you want to play safely, read on …
3. Four versions of Big Color Lash Top Coat (limited edition) for a unique, easy
to apply pop-art look. A new look every day? Child’s play.

Tested the mascara and it really does meet all my criteria for a quality mascara.

Mascara’s out in June and will cost 33,-


Cil Booster


Let me introduce you to my little secret for the perfect eyelashes. The Cils Booster. I apply it as a base before putting on my fave mascara from Lancôme. The booster  enriched with provitamin B5 and derivatives of vitamin E sublimates the eyes in 3 steps: it makes the lashes longer, increases their volume and accentuates their curvature. In addition to all this, she also guarantees a sustainable result. And thanks to her new, refined, clean and sleek luxury packaging she is more than ever a real must.


Now available in any drugstore, costs around 33,-




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