Mother’s day with Greetz

Two weeks ago, it was mother’s day. Thanks to Greetz – a giftshop with chocolate, flowers..- I ordered a bouquet to surprise my mom.

Let me tell you the service is amazing! I forgot to order on a Saturday, so I ordered this bouquet the day before mother’s day, payed 2 euro’s extra for the last minute service and luckily it came on time!


I find roses so cliché so I went for daisies as I also love the symbolic behind it. They stand for: purity, new beginnings and true love.


As flowers fade, I also went for Tony’s chocolonely gift box. I chose this specific brand because it’s fair trade made without slavery or exploitation. The bars consist of uneven cubes, to make it clear to all chocolate lovers that it is still unevenly distributed in the cocoa sector.

( a package of three cost 13,49- )—melk–puur-en-karamel-zeezout/1142784947



Last but not least I ordered a cactus, for myself. I’m always been a nature lover but maintaining plants wasn’t my talent so I figured out that a cactus doesn’t need much care.




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