Tested: BB cream mineralogy

A while ago I received these products from Beauty & Energie and yes they’re organic. I cannot stop scoring the importance of natural beauty products!


The Mineralogy BB Cream or Beauty Balm Cream is rich in natural ingredients that levels, improves, protects and nourishes the skin. This mineral moisturizer, primer, foundation and sun block together, has an airy texture, works preventive anti-aging because it prevents wrinkles with the help of intensive working ingredients from the carefully formulated formula of ACAI berries and White tea that the production of Collagen and Elastin stimulates. The mineral sun filters offers good protection against skin damage from the sun.

Doesn’t dry out my skin and a must during summer to keep your skin hydrated.

Buy it here  46,00-


Thanks to a mixture of hyaluronic acid molecule the Origin Naobay scrub helps to
hydrate the skin. It possesses powerful natural calcium molecules due the natural production of hyaluronic acid and activate elastin.

buy it here 24,00-


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