Tested and approved: Urtekram

In February I got the opportunity to test a few products from Urtekram. As I figured out it was an organic brand I couldn’t say no. It’s a matter of credibility, I don’t want to become this blogger that likes everything just to get freebies. You may not know this but I highly care about the beauty products that I put on my body, I prefer organic products that are sustainable. Quality over quantity. But also products that I would buy myself and that fit into my budget. That’s why it can take a while to test products because I want to make sure that I believe in what I represent before spreading the message. I think Urtekram matches with the way I think.



Self-care is the most important care in life in order for other people to care about you. It starts with the way you treat your soul and body. That’s why I want to know what I’m using without it having damaging elements such as parabens, amoniac… That can irritate my skin. To me beauty products are a way of highlighting your appearance and a matter of hygiene. What’s the point of putting make-up on, if you’ve a bad foundation underneath it full of pimples. I’d rather have a clean face then a one that one who’s painted on which causes more irritation. But realizing that you cannot build without a good foundation may take time.

Brown Sugar

When I was looking on Urtkeram site to pick some products I couldn’t choose. So many options. As my shower gel was empty I saw it as on opportunity to try out one. My preference went to the “Brown sugar” shower gel, I was curious how it would smell. To me smell, texture and the outcome of a product are import in order to choose and use one several times.




Beside the shower gel, I’m always open to try new hair products in orde to use the most suitable one for my dry, colored curls. I choose camomile as I’m big fan of the tea. Flowers remind me of bright sunny days. Positive vibes which was the feeling that I wanted to reproduce when I walk out of the shower. To temper my scrub addiction I choose the Aloë Vera one. I know it’s pretty cliché green plants but it has so many beneficial results for your skin. I used to try to drink it the moment I heard that it healthy but I had a specific taste that I couldn’t bare so I gave a the scrub a shot.



I was curious how the brown sugar would smell but after using it, I realized that sugar doesn’t have a specific oder so I felt pretty stupid. It’s not a scrub that contains raw pieces of sugar but somehow it smoothens my skin after using it and it has a subtle smell, but I cannot describe it as sugar doesn’t smell.


I wasn’t impressed by the camomile conditioner that I use after I putted on my Klorane shampoo – which I will review soon! In the beginning my hair didn’t felt smooth but it’s because I was judging too soon. When you apply the conditioner you don’t get a result unless you wash it off. That’s when you hair becomes smooth without knots. So the conditioner is definitely a keeper, at least for me! The smell of the Aloë Vera scrub is my favorite. It takes you to an exotic beach or maybe that’s just my imagination. I’d preferred that the scrub parts would be bigger. As I like to scrub hard because this scrub has a soft effect which I’m not used to but I appreciate it.

If I made you curious about Urtekram products make sure you check out their site !


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