Zadig & Voltaire: ying and yang

Ying and yang, black and white, masculine
and feminine – often viewed as opposites yet
one cannot exist without the other. Inspired
by balance, Vk Lillie creates a capsule collection for Zadig & Voltaire, SS18.

Fingertips of red & blue vintage leather gloves
are cut and hand-sewn with half white Quartz
crystal and half black Obsidian – made only
by the hands of Vanessa or Kira Lillie.
A limited edition of 100 pieces, sold only in
Paris and New York. Each piece numbered
and is one of a kind.


Vanessa Lillie has dedicated her life to the
study and practice of healing. Born and raised
at the base of the Flat Irons, in the Rocky
Mountains of Colorado, Vanessa connected
profoundly with nature from an early age
and immersed herself in the study of Native
American culture, spirituality, and herbology


Kira Lillie comes from a family of healers.
Throughout her childhood, her parents
taught her about alternative medicine. Her
father, Karl, is an Acupuncturist, river guide,
and musician. Her mother, Vanessa, is a
massage therapist, teacher, and Biodynamic
Craniosacral practitioner, who taught Kira
about massage, energy, healing, and the
traditional beadwork she would eventually
engage to create their VK Lillie medicine

ZADIG_VOLTAIRE_SS18_Vk_Lillie_Red Fingertip_1_price_on_request.jpg


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