Pink technology

As I’m a bit addicted to my phone, I received some pink accessorizes to support my addiction 😉



Admit it, a purple powerbank is an must-have for every fashionista right? It’s an 10.000 mAh powerbank and charges my Samsung smartphone up to 2 times. Unfortunately they are out of stock but have a look at the site!

From outlet hoesjes


I needed speakers to blast some music during study breaks and I couldn’t resist to this mushroom. This speaker carries an L-Ion battery and can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The speaker also has a handy suction cup so you can attach it to different surfaces. So you can stick it against the windshield of your car, on the back of your smartphone or on the tabletop for example. You may have seen it on my stories. Really handy during showering. You have to load the device up to 2 hours and can enjoy the music up to two hours. The only downside is that the Bluetooth connection only lasts for a few meters. But just love the size, color, fact that you can stick it anywhere and the sound is great!

Buy it here 24,50-

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