Tested: Stage line


Mascara – Black X-Volume Mascara


A while ago I received a package salonnepro including some stage line make-up, with a mascara and eyeliner. Couldn’t wait to try it out ! The mascara lasts very long, due the big brush it really gives the XXL lashes that it promises. I used three layers, as I love big dramatically lashes but that’s personal! I didn’t had issues with drying out nor clots.

Buy here 21,95-


54. Ref. 229.0 - Eye Liner.jpg



Normally I don’t wear eyeliner ‘cause I’m still trying to figure out how to make the perfect wing! I gave it a shot an made an Indian look. The pencil is so precise that it can that you can perfect your winged look. I just loved the product!

Buy here  14,50-


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