Jafra cosmetics

A while ago I received a great package by Jafra. Tested the products for a while and immediately became a fan, let me introduce you to a few products /




What is it? A bright green peeling cream, rich in nurturing ingredients, with a mild peppermint scent. It cleans and removes dead skin cells, making the rough skin of the feet soft again.  After testing it, my feet become really soft and the mint smell is an great extra. Was the first time that I tried a foot scrub. Worth the shot, great result.

Buy here 12,90 –

Royal jelly Luxury Lipstick




What is it? A skin care and long-lasting lipstick in shiny, velvety colors. Gelée Royale moisturizes the lips, gives them the daily dose of vitamins and amino acids and makes them soft and supple. Care and color in one. Does not stick, wipe and does not run out. The lipstick stays for a very long time, it’s really intens and shiny. It doesn’t stick and the color depends on how many layers you apply. At the end of the day my lips are soft and moisturized really recommend this collection from Jafra.

Buy here 18,50 –


Balancing Dynamics


I received a few tester from the balanced dynamics collection.


The cleansing liquid helps regulate the balance of the skin and absorbs the excess skin fat at the level of the T-zone.

buy here 22,40


Removes leftover cleanser, skin grease and impurities and prepares the skin for the subsequent moisturizing care. This toner helps to restore the natural pH of the skin and thereby protect against bacteria

Buy here 22,40-


IMG_1528What is it? A restorative day care with SPF 15. This lotion restores the balance of the skin together with the cleanser and toner of the Balancing Line, moisturizes the skin evenly and reduces the fat content at the T-zone.

Buy here 39,50-


During sleep, this light gel cream regulates the skin fat and moisture content of the skin and prevents dryness of the skin during the night. Provides a soft, smooth skin and a fresh, improved complexion.

Buy here 43,50-


Thanks again Jafra for the lovely products xoxo

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