What’s in my bag?


Hedonists live to enjoy.

Having fun, as often as possible, in every imaginable way and unthinkable ways,

pursuing sensual pleasure,

maximum taste of the pleasures of life,

that is the goal of their existence,

the highest good, that is above all others.


I’ve decided to make a ‘what’s in my bag’, with products that I use on a daily basis. Those that are the highlight of a cold, rainy, dark-ish night. You know what I mean right?



    This is not the eau de parfum that I’m used to but an extrait de cologne.What is the difference? Every perfume is a mixture of water, alcohol and fragrances. The relationship between these elements determines the concentration.


    The cologne contains on average 2 to 3 percent concentrate, dissolved in alcohol and water.  That makes it the lightest fragrance form. With an extrait the perfume you can count on 20 to 30 percent.

    The higher the concentration of those fragrances, the longer the fragrance will hold. An extrait is therefore the most expensive, because it is most concentrated.


    Now let’s talk about what this cologne stands for. It has vibes from the Napoleonic era if you look at the campaign. Let me tell you a little story that was mentioned in the press release.

Pauline Bonaparte was the most beautiful and favorite sister of Napoleon. She filled her days with just about anything she did feeling like, dressing up, posing naked, taking milk baths, to lavishly perfum with Eau de Cologne Jean Marie Farina …Her love marriage did not stop her from being together with Auguste de Forbin, the chamberlain of her brother and the man she really fell inlove with.


The scent is made by Anne Flipo and it kinda almost happend by accident.

“In India I have unpacked tuberose smelled. Unplucked she is fresher and greener. I have built my creation around the tuberose. A nice scent to be around to work. I also played with another one white flower, the Arabian jasmine, and with bergamot, orange, lemon and neroli. A touch of pink pepper gives it completely extra pit.”

100 ml costs 59,95-

buy the 30 ml on pharmamarket

2.  Roger & Gallet – Fleur D’ Osmanthus


This is an restorative and nourishing body balm based on apricot kernel oil and extract of white tea. Suitable for very dry skin. Contains high dose lipids. Oil-in-water emulsion. Based on natural ingredients. Silky texture. I always apply it after I showered and sometimes on I’m on the road when I feel that my skin is dry. The scent is amazing !

Buy here 22,95-

Bag – BORRO 


I’ve won this bag trough an Instagram give-away from Decovry, by reacting to the post I suddenly won this clutch and it’s so beautiful. Later I’ve found out that I was the lucky winner. What I love about this clutch is, that it’s classy. Easy to wear and makes a statement. The coolest thing is, that it’s handmade. How exclusive? Unfortunately I don’t know the price as it’s not mentioned on their website.





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