My fashion week experience

Exact four years ago. I was strolling around the streets of Paris and I noticed something different. I was used to fashionista’s running around the capital, but this time it was so crowded. Suddenly I remember it was fashion weeks, the most hectic yet fashionable time of the year.


16 years and very driven by fashion, I looked up the schedule of that day and hurried to the nearest place. First to Palais de Tokyo where there was supposed to be a show but it was empty. Then I went to next venue, where the Valentino show was hold and bingo.

fei fei

Models were coming out, designers, fashion editors and of course wannabe bloggers and lots of photographers. It was circus. Everyone was focusing on everyone. Photographer were shouting ” get out my way”, so they could make the perfect shot for their editorial. Models were parading and bloggers were searching for their ‘instaworthy’ picture and at the same time hoping that they’ll be shot by one of the photographers.


It was hectic, it went so fast, so many fashion people at on once, it was kinda overwhelming for my 15 year old self. Who had only seen these people in Vogue. It felt surreal and I was in the perfect position. As I was a tourist walking by, with no responsibility to write the perfect article or have that one shot.


I was enjoying myself and became totally starstruck when I saw Alber Elbaz next to me, ALBER ELBAZ FROM LANVIN. The celebs weren’t really my thing, I cared more about the designers. Anna Dello Russo aka orange clown was standing next to him. At the time I didn’t precisely knew who she was, but personally I had a bad vibe. She was waaay to orange, fake smiling and pushing everyone away so that the photographers could take a good shot of her. The way she greeted Elbaz, was like Alicia ( from confession of the shopaholic) would do. Overly enthusiastic, white a grand smile and when the lenses were gone she was making unpleasant faces.

But I have to admit her outfit was totally on point .

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