Armani embraces diversity: FACE FABRIC

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” 
― Maya Angelou


Giorgio Armani’s skin perfector FACE FABRIC was launched ten years ago and is now standing once again in the spotlight as the ultimate must-have product for all women – ideal for every day and every moment of the day. Re-discovered ‘as new’: FACE FABRIC trying is similar to fitting the perfect jeans: a tailored fit, one second skin effect – the casual, extra matte finish also contributes to this. The icon becomes an essential accessory to your daily life strength. The FACE FABRIC formula, suitable for each moment of the day, is lightweight, never too greasy or too powdery and always stays one refreshing, fusing texture who is as comfortable as your favorite pair of jeans.



What I like about this campaign and beauty line is that the foundations are made for EVERY skin color. Some beauty lines just make all types of white and exclude people from other origins. The chosen models on the flyer are making a statement. Armani, is making a statement. The fashion world should be more diverse. Recently I noticed that there isn’t much variation in models, on the catwalk. The majority is white. Even the fashion world can contribute to racism if they send a clear message that fashion and beauty isn’t only meant for Western people. That everyone can enjoy beauty and fashion whatever your origins are.

available at:

PARFUMA – 31 Eiermarkt 2000 Antwerpen – 03-232.46.11
GALERIA INNO – 111 Nieuwstraat 1000 Brussel
GALERIA INNO – Woluwé Shopping Center – 150 Paul Hymanslaan 1200 Brussel
GALERIA INNO – 12 Louizalaan 1050 Brussel
Face Designer : Massimo Locorotondo 0474.970.947
PARIS 8 – Centre Commercial La Belle Etoile – L 8050 Bertrange
PARIS 8 – 56, Grand Rue L-1660 Luxembourg
Planet Parfum – 40 Zuidzandstraat 2000 Brugge

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