No more hair loss with Jazz hair

You may not know this but I’ve been losing my hair like crazy and in combination with my colored curls. It’s hell, that’s why I was happy to try the products from Jazz hair who stimulate the grow of your natural hair. If you’re losing your hair I recommend you to use the Jazz hair product, they’re as pricey as salon products but worth their while.

HAIR JAZZ -shampoo 250 ml

shamp.jpg First I will be discussing the shampoo. It’s a bleu substantial that you have to use every two to three days. Massage in on your scalp for 2 minutes then leave it, without massaging and rinse it with lukewarm water. The shampoo contains : chitin, hydrolyzed keratin, soy protein, eggshell extracts. Those are ingredients that your hair needs for fast grow.


HAIR JAZZ -lotion 200 ml


I always apply this lotion after my shampoo, to soften my hair .


HAIR JAZZ mask 500 ml;


This is my favorite item from the set. After washing my hair I apply this mask that hydrates my hair and it makes it softer and stronger. The mask its made of shea butter!

Shea butter is extracted from the seeds in the fruits of shea trees; these are ground and submerged in boiling water until a fatty paste is obtained. By kneading this paste it is possible to obtain the yellowish shea butter. Shea butter is used in most cosmetic compositions; it protects and revitalizes your hair and helps it grow. Due to the exceptionally rich composition shea butter is an essential tool for beauty.

This mask is one of the best hair mask I’ve ever tested!

Hair mask


HAIR JAZZ hair serum 50 ml.

hair serum

The serum is enriched with GOJI berry extract. GOJI berries have been used in Asia for more than 2000 years and are known as “red diamonds” through countless healing and restorative properties. Scientists from the Claude Bell Institute who have discovered these properties have developed a complex product that retains the elasticity of fast-growing hair.


Wash your hair with shampoo HAIR JAZZ, use conditioner or hair mask HAIR JAZZ and rinse it with water. Dry your hair with towel and massage the HAIR JAZZ lotion into your scalp.

Take a small amount of the HAIR JAZZ serum on your fingers. Apply the HAIR JAZZ serum to the lengths and tips of the towel dry hair. We advise you not to comb the hair directly, but to allow the product to work in for 10 minutes.

Sometimes I just use this serum, when my hair is a bit dry or broken. After my morning ritual I apply it on my hair and it gives an instant glow.

hair serum




I don’t have “easy” hair to handle. They’re very curly and colored so a bit damaged. But I’ve noticed that these products feed and take care of my hair. They’re way healthier after using these products with the right instruction and they’re totally worth the price!

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