Eco-life the latte tax in Starbucks

A cappuccino or latte macchiato will soon cost a few cents more in the London Starbucks. Except when customers bring their own mug to the shop.


Latte Levy, or latte-tax. A few Britons introduced their proposal in parliament this week to ask 25 pence (28 euro cents) more for disposable cups. With this levy, they want to encourage coffee drinkers to bring their own mug, which should reduce the waste mountain. Now 2.5 billion cups are being thrown away every year in Great Britain. And they can hardly be recycled because a layer of plastic sticks over the paper cup that should first be removed. Went to a coffee bar last weeks and I’m guilty of being a latte addict.


Starbucks promises in every way to introduce the tax in the London shops as a test for three months, although it will only be 5 pence (6 cents). In Belgium you get a discount if you bring your own mug but that hardly happens. I’m so glad this tax got introduced and I hope it will be implemented in Belgium. We should all contribute to the environment, to all blogging latte-lovers bring your own mug ❤

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