Diamonds are a girl’s best friend




I fell in love with these jewelry from Swarovski. Especially the drop dead gorgeous earrings. Maybe it’s my inner princess that awakens or maybe my glitter obsession needs a serious upgrade. It’s very simple and sophisticated, yet it really makes a statement. Effortless chic, of you’d ask me. If you’d buy this set for your girl during Christmas, there will be less arguing in 2018, that’s for sure….

  1. earring 149-
  2. necklace 119-
  3. bracelet 199-
  4. necklace 399-


Ted Baker


I’m a bling bling kinda girl and these stones are just so cute!

bracelet from Bijenkorf 55,-

download (1)

Jewelry without shiny stones ain’t no jewelry for me. This one reminds me of winter. The white diamond are kinda creating snowflakes.

bracelet 65,- from Bijenkorf

Champs & Champs

download (2)

I’ve never heard of this brand but the bordeaux matches perfectly with the gold….

bracelet 85,- from Bijenkorf



This ring is perfect. Unique, simple, shiny and elegant! Big fan off Kenzo!

Ring 105,-






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