TESTED: Winter essentials

  • hand and nail cream



I’ve been a fan of Rainpharma for about 3 years, the moment I discovered the brand during the pressdays and loved it ever since. This  Hand & Nail Cream, smells delicious. It has a rich plant-based formula which gives your hands and nails everything they need during these cold, winter days.

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  •  Ylang Ylang

IMG_0793 (2)

This shower gel, doesn’t contain a detergent. Which means that the soap is made of natural resources instead petroleum.  That’s why the shower gel cleans your skin without drying it out. Ylang-ylang means as much as flower  and symbolizes femininity. The oil is obtained by distillation of the fresh, bright yellow flowers that grow on the Cananga tree all year round.

flower from the Cananga tree

2. La Madeleine scented candle 


I got this candle during the store opening of D’autan and honestly I’ve never had a candle that smelled so intense. Even when I didn’t lit it up, I could smell the odor of the candle and it gave me a very Christmas-ish feeling. So I totally get why they’re a bit pricey because they’re worth every penny

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3. Café couture






Café couture gives me so much positive vibes, just by looking to the packaging. They got so much variety in their collection and I’m definitely a fan of their brand!

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4. Bodysol sunscreen 


It’s not because we don’t see the sun that we should protect ourself during the winter. ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN!

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5. Phytosun Ylang Ylang


Just as the gel from Rainpharma this also contains Ylang-Ylang. The phytosun natural oil is mean to reduce stress or bad though. You just have to put a few drops on your forehead to de-stress but you can also use it to bake and make some delicious cakes!

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