TESTED:Corine de Farme make-up remover for the holidays

We all want to look fabulous during the holidays and when we go to sleep we’re most likely not in the mood to remove our make-up that’s why we wake up with a irritated skin the next.


I know it takes so much effort to remove make-up when your tired that’s why I wanted to tell you guys more about Corine de Farme. It’s a beauty brand based on natural products for sensitive skins.


Lately when I don’t want to botter to wash of my face I’ve been using their make-up remover wipes and micellair cleansing oil. It’s so easy. I use the wipes, I don’t have to rub off the make-up because their so effective and don’t irritate my skin. Afterwards I use the oil cleanse for my eyes before I go to bed so my eyes aren’t dry and voila, that’s my beauty ritual for a clean skin!



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