TESTED: Pretty in pink


Pink is one of my favorite colors and if there are pink beauty products, it automatically makes me happy.

  1. Kneipp


I didn’t knew foam shower gels existed and this one feels like heaven. It’s made out of almond blossom that’s why it has a nice flower-ish smell and the shea butter feeds my skin. Perfect for a Friday night if you plan on pampering yourself.




From almond blossom to peonies. French beauty brand Klorane uses my favorite flowers, peonies in their newest hair assortment. I received an anti-irritant shampoo, gel conditioner and serum which a used for a 7 day period to repair my dyed hair. Afterwards my hair has the smell of peonies and feel surprisingly soft!

3. Natalie nails  



This month I went for sparkly pink nails done by my nail stylist Natalie. They are pretty as always. Which color should I choose for next time?


George Wittouckstraat 240
B-1600 Sint – Pieters- Leeuw 
Plan d’accès

phone: +32 (0)475/35.09.15




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