Nails by Natalie

I met Natalie during the Estetika Beauty fair where she worked for Urban Nails. As I always wanted to get a mani with gel nails because I bite my nails I made an appointment with Natalie.


A few days later I was sitting on a chair in Natalie’s salon in Sint-Pieters Leeuw, Brussels. It immediately clicked with her she’s very hospitable, ask what I want to drink. Before I came she explained to me how I could reach her salon by public transport. When I arrived she asked me how I wanted my nails that acryl nails are a bit toxic so she recommended me gel nails.



The only condition I gave her is that I wanted natural nails with a touch of glitter. Together we choose a color and a second color that would match my grayish polish and eventually we took gold. She has so many shades of glitter so it was a bit hard to choose but she’s very good in her good job and gave me tips. I trusted her from the beginning. She is a real professional besides doing nails she also gives nail workshops!

I totally recommend doing your nails by Natalie! Take a look on her Facebook and book an appointment asap!

Georges wittouckstaat 240
Sint-Pieters-Leeuw 1600
call 0475 35 09 15



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