TESTED: Make-up on sleek

IMG_0612A while ago I received a box from Sleek make-up  .Honestly I didn’t knew the brand and was curious about their collection. I’ve got the Highlighter Cleopatra’s Kiss palette, Lethal Lengt Mascara and Treu Colour Lipstick shade Coral Reef .

IMG_0610This mascara extends, curls and accentuate your eyelashes . The formula prevents your eyelashes from drying out. Due the flexibility of the brush your eyelashes curl in model without getting clashes in the mascara. I’m a fan of this product because it’s hard to find a mascara that makes your lashes appear longer without having clashes!

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IMG_0628.JPGThis gloss isn’t shiny nor very glossy. It has a nice, bit greasy texture. Normally I go for burgundy or pinkish shades when I choose a lip color but I like this one because it highlight your face, perfect for autumn. I’ve worn it all day and it doesn’t fade it also hydrates my lips due the fact that the lipstick contains vitamine E . Perfect pick for people with dry lips!

Buy it here

The palette contains creamy and powdery highlighter for all skin tones that you can apply on you body of face. If you want to get your highlight on fleek and look like a queen this is a good purchase. Buy it here

Personally I think Sleek make-up is a budget proof and nice brand. Glad I discovered Sleek!

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