Estetika Beauty fair

Makeup is not a mask that covers up your beauty; it’s a weapon that helps you express who you are from the inside.

-Michelle Phan

Twice a year those the Estetika fair in Brussels, is the place to be for those who are professionally active in the beauty sector. Thousands of beauty specialists, pedicures, nail stylists, dermatologists, come to Brussels Expo to discover the latest developments in their industry during Estetika Spring and Estetika Autumn, placing orders and making direct purchases. As a beauty lover/blogger I couldn’t resist to take a sneak peak at the latest beauty hypes and brands. Allow me to share my favorite brands from the fair.

  1. Eyebrows on fleek


Districos is a Belgian company who give academic beauty courses and have multiple salons around Belgium. During the fair they waxed my eyebrows with depilève and colored it with products from fab brows. The waxing was painless and didn’t hurt for a bit and I truly recommend the fab brow kit to people who aren’t really beauty queens but like to get dem eyebrows on fleek. As the kit is really easy to use, you just put a plastic that has the shape of your eyebrow, on your eyebrow and fill them with a powder based on minerals. So it completely harmless.


2. Vegan make-up


W7 is a beauty brand that provides vegan make-up besides that they also sell non-vegan make-up but none of them has been tested on animals. “W7 has never tested any of its products on animals. This policy has stood and has been strictly adhered to since the creation and inception of the W7 Brand in 2002.” The make-up products are always focused on the latest beauty trends and have become a favorite of celebs, bloggers and beauty editors.  They sell e.g. “Banana Dreams” a yellowish fixing powder which is the beauty secret of Kim Kardashian’s make-up. I’m very stoked about this brand and will review it soon! Stay tuned!

In the meanwhile you can buy their products at Di or on their website


3. Pronails


Pronails is a Belgian company specialized in foot-hand and nail care. Personally I’m a big fan of their nail polish which I will review soon. You can surf on their site for more info

4. Where young and old collide


YOUTH LAB. are a range of advanced skincare products aiming to enhance skin’s metabolism for a healthier, youthful look.
All YOUTH LAB. products are dermatologically tested, parabens free including Cleansing and Hydrating formulas, Face MasksAnti-aging products and CC creamsBody Care and Sunscreen products. The prices are student proof!


Utsukusy beauty products on the other hand are more expensive. They are scientifically tested with natural ingredients, ecovriendly and extensive (animal-proof). Utsukusy combines traditional Japanese beauty rituals and therapies with the latest cosmetic technologies. Beauty experts say, “You’ll see it immediately when someone uses Utsukusy, the skin just shines!”


5. MedexIMG_0253IMG_0248

My favorite spot at the fair has to be Medex, they had a La Durée inspired stand which was quite relaxing. I was feeling the luxury of their products while siting on one of their chairs. The coolest product from their collection must be the caviar night-cream. Al thought I’m too young to wear anti-aging products it grasped my attention for sure. Their products will also be on the blog, soon!


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